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There are various levels of contributions:

- Plugin Development
If you have an idea for a module that you want to create for Bible.NET, then you are welcome to do so. Bible.NET features a pluggable architecture that allows anyone to create a module that can be dynamically loaded into the API.

- Join the Team
If you have the skills and the commitment to join the team, and are willing to preserve the integrity and architecture of the project, then please contact me about your desire to do so. However, this means you must be willing to work on something more than just your own ideas. And, software issues can be a concern as well. I've used as much free software as I could use.

- Donating software
If you have a licensed component (from a software company/vendor) and are willing to donate it to the project's development team, any donations are welcome. However, the software has to fit in with the current architecture, and so all software may not be used. Please check first.

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