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The following items need completed to reach the initial 0.5 version release, which will be released as the official first release of this product. The following items that need completed are shown below. The 0.5 release will be slated toward sometime in December.

- Complete the API design and architecture
- Finish working on the main modules and plugins approach
- Provide documentation and the DLL's for custom development

The following items will be put off for an intermediate release:

- Adding features for a module, such as having API elements in it, receiving input from commands triggered, etc.
- Improve on the existing modules (Book Viewer, News Feeds, etc.)
- Podcasts/Radio Station Broadcasts/MP3/Video Content (not embedded in HTML page) - Add support for playing podcasts, radio stations, all within the tool
- Link Devotionals to Podcasts, which isn't working
- Complete integration with God Tube's RSS feed
- Quotes - The source for the quotes data needs investigated
- Commentaries - interface approach/API's available need researched

The full version release (1.0) will have the following features:

- Verse Dashboard - Select a verse, and perform all kinds of analysis, such as hebrew/greek word listing, cross references, commentary entries, dictionary, full context, etc.
- Settings - these are the configuration settings that are used to represent an interface, so that a user can configure the module in one area.
- Prayer - this is a module where the user can create prayer requests, export them to a file and give them to someone else, or import someone else's prayer requests.
- Commentaries (both official ones and creating your own), this is a module that will display multiple commentaries, as well as support for creating a custom commentary and saving it to a file.
- Commentary Watcher - Taps into commentaries that can be turned on or off, and allow someone to
- Bible Studies - The base architecture for creating bible studies will be created. One can create an XML-based bible study, an online bible study, or a custom bible study through custom screens.
- Quotes - Be able to search quotes from Christian books, magazines, web sites, etc.

In the future are the following features:

- Interactive Maps - Show interactive maps of the worlds, being able to compare the past with the present, and have the ability to click on certain regions, to show pictures of the area.
- Israel Past/Present Comparison - Show pictures of past/present Israel, from whatever may be recorded.
- Prayer - Upload or download prayer requests from a central server.
- Bible Studies - View certain bible studies that are already in the tool; also allow others to create their own bible study.
- Timelines - Create a time line control, using WPF, that allows the user to view various events that occurred and when they occurred on a timeline.
- 3D Models - Create 3D models of biblical era's, using the tools leveraged by WPF.
- Create before/after pictures of areas like Israel, etc.
- Web Site - Create a web site to host third-party modules created, as well as additional information about the tool.
- Archaeology Listing - Listing of archaeological finds, relevance to biblical times and scripture, etc.
- Christian Courses - Some sites online have christian courses; this would allow someone to take a course online, but use local resources, such as note-taking application, and other resources that are beneficial.
- Profiles of the Bible - show profiles of men/women, mothers, teachers, leaders, etc. (as you see in some books, like Mothers of the Bible, etc.)
- Links to quotes, time periods, maps, picture galleries, etc.
- User-based dictionary and quotes sources (like wikipedia)
- Watch online Television, and even create own streaming television channels
- Integration into Twitter

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